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Stephanie Hersch, 

                  Japanese Pruning. 

Self portrait of Renune Pruning Services lead pruner

I came across this amazing tree in Sequim Washington - although it is almost completely hollowed out,  the cambium (the living part of the trunk that circulates sap) is intact and growing strong despite its circumstances; modeling quite the metaphor!

The Art of Japanese Pruning is the application of the same technique used on Bonsai trees, to any kind of tree or plant! This method of pruning revitalizes the tree, highlights innate beauty, increases food production, and sculpts future characteristic growth while creating flow within the garden.

My pruning philosophy is that through strategic pruning, even the most “mis-treeted” trees can be transformed into works of art. 

I apprenticed with and was taught The Art Of Japanese Pruning by a local Master - Paul Gautschi, Master Arborist of 35 years based in Sequim, Washington. Paul is my pruning mentor, a dear friend, and pundit.

I have been practicing Japanese pruning for the last 3 years, traveling all over Washington State for projects!

Following the pruning apprenticeship I completed an Ethnobotany Immersion Course to deepen my knowledge of our local Botany and ecosystems, and now also hold a Remote Emergency Medical Technician Certification ensuring safety on the work site. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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